Where are journey begans’

They say, For every cooked meal their is a thought waiting to be created.So as we take this journey on ‘ We can work hard at building and creating nothing but the best thought

that life has to offer to

us . So brake out the wine and Champaign’ because we are on a journey where everything we do from here on out will be a unforgettable path and life experience that ‘ We will never forget .

When we take it all In ‘

As I continue to take myself down memory lane ‘Its amazing how food can take you through old stages in your life were you are able to recognize the changes you’ve have made in your life when you have chosen to make a change for the best and not for the worst.

We never stop getting down’ Tamara wilson feast.
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Chilli’s fine Resturant

As i enjoy these lovely meals from {chilli’s fine restaurant ] -I can say their food menu has gotten really up to pare. This is my third time going to chilli’s and i will be 40 year old this dec ‘ so i will say there food is really good and taste. Off the top again served with a nice glass of captain morgan drink. with a bowl of cheese dip.20191208_201900Cheese Dip”’ 20191208_203502

Bar ba cue ribs ‘ loaded potatoes and fries

20191208_204646As my life continues and as the day go by ‘ Sometimes i wonder what food would be like if adam and eve never sinned”and we was able to eat food that was from paradise on earth . ‘It would probley taste better then life could ever amagine.

China Phoenix’ Fine Restaurant and bar aswell’

Here we go again my fellow people ‘ As this quest continues ” What can i say- you have to stop bye and try some of ( China Phoenix)- Most all some and amazing ‘Sesame Chicken’ wow really season and fried to the tee! Very delicious’ I will top this off with a side (Crap Ragon) – In Which i think served

as a nice outer piece ‘In which was served very well i gotta say. As i topped it off with one of their nice and well blended drinks just to flow everything down with.-Now i can say the past is the past and the future is now and the present is here so lets continue on with the best path and journey life can bring us.

Lets Taste It Al

The Restaurant: Martini -On N ‘high St. Downtown Columbus Ohio.

Lasonia’ and meatball”

When their is no words to explain ‘ how im feeling right now ‘ It’s amazing how through food in life you can almost for a moment forget about the hardship that’s going on around you ‘ In your life.

Developing Habits

A habit is defined as the intersection of knowledge , skill is knowing how to do it; desire is motivation or wanting to do it To make habits ,we need to develop all three components.


The four levels of leadership;

Personal, Interpersonal,Managerial,and Organization,

the inside out.- So look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are you a leader or A follower?20190714_1717473575318072602314032.jpgIf not’ It’s time to hit that shower ” And get it together , It’s that saying A closed mouth don’t get feed ‘ and if that’s the case why are so many still struggling ? Its not about how much money you make’ But what you do with the money after you make it . Now ”Their is your million dollar answer. ‘ So what is your full potential. -So are you short changing yourself through life. And if so then maybe you are opperating on the wrong plan.