Food For Thought

So as we continue to eat some of the wrold’s best food that life has to offer to us , Can we just ask ourselves what more great things does our heavenly father have in stored for us.

When you take it heavy -( -Plate-1)-

A  nice delicious meal , that red lobster had in stored ‘ ( As i smiled my way to the last bite ‘ 😋

Bisket ‘ Butter
When you like it light and seasoned -(-plate-2)

Now as we continue on our journey can we just say ‘ Even on your sadest day , a very well prepared meal will put a smile on your face .

Just something for you to get your mouth wet too

The forbidden root restaurant thats located at Easton mall

Nice mild wings served just right’- ((-Plate-1)
Very menly sized hot’ smothered chicken served with a side order of fries -( plate -2)
-(- plate- 2)

On top of that served with some shrimp and greets and onion and leaf , Now I’m thinking about life ‘

Just when it couldn’t get no better ‘

Now I gotta tip him ‘

Please don’t take the menu””

Just when I thought I was ready for the check ‘ 🙃 😅  I did this’

I had to get the strawberry 🍓 cake – (- break-time)

This is for all my bloggers out there ‘ think yall 🤔 for building a bridge and platform for every natural person in life , who has a desire and a dream in their life ‘ our mouth would of still been sealed closed I just wanna say thank you .

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