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Developing Habits

A habit is defined as the intersection of knowledge , skill is knowing how to do it; desire is motivation or wanting to do it To make habits ,we need to develop all three components.


The four levels of leadership;

Personal, Interpersonal,Managerial,and Organization,

the inside out.- So look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are you a leader or A follower?20190714_1717473575318072602314032.jpgIf not’ It’s time to hit that shower ” And get it together , It’s that saying A closed mouth don’t get feed ‘ and if that’s the case why are so many still struggling ? Its not about how much money you make’ But what you do with the money after you make it . Now ”Their is your million dollar answer. ‘ So what is your full potential. -So are you short changing yourself through life. And if so then maybe you are opperating on the wrong plan.