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Chili’s Restaurant.

When you swirl everything in life around together cheese dip .

Chips and dip
Rips. .And potato and french fries

Sometime at the end the day , we forget about how refreshing it is , just to be able to have a nice glass of lemonade

As are new years continue as we travel down this journey i was quiet fond of the food that i acquired at chili’s it was really good for my first time having it.


Downtown Arena

As we continue to Travel down our journey I can’t help but to appreciate the most smallest things in. The more I found myself drifting away in life ,its amazing how the road we travel in life always guides us back down the path in life we need to be on.

The Rusty Bucket ‘ Restaurant

Cheese dip. 🍻

I just wanna say hello to all my ladies and gentlemen bloggers out their, as the world continue to turn . I can’t help but wonder ‘ how much society has made it hard for our family’s to even be able to put a decent meal on there table.

As a single father , all i do is think my heavenly father for giving me the motivation in the strength to keep on striving harder for the thing that makes us successful in life.

Chicken wing hot with blue cheese ‘(-Plate – 1)

I gotta say , As i make my way around these beautiful and lovely restaurant’ I smile everytime i walk into them and Everytime i walk out of them .

Season 🍟

Lets continue on with the lovely meals .

Bacon hamburger with onion rings -(Plate – 2)

Where to next.? Stay tuned

The Rusty Bucket menu

Please take a nice’ icey lemonade to Go?


As We Continue Down This Journey

The Cheesecake Factor

Location: Easton Mall

Vegetables cheese 🧀 pizza

As I explore another beautiful location , I couldn’t help but notice ‘ the fine view that the restaurant has to over, As I am setting their waiting patiently ‘ like a child who is waiting for his parents to pick him up after school , I couldn’t help but to wonder what my food would look like when the bring it out to me. It’s something about having a freshly prepared meal made for you .- Thank you father-)

Salad 🥗 calamari ‘ and texes next egg rolls (- appetizers-)
(-TexesEgg rolls- Plate -2)

As we continue to enjoy some of the best food that life has to offer ,- All I wanna do is travel the world 🌎 and try food from all over the land of life ‘

Please feed me more : Food for the love of life is what keeps me going ‘ always wanting to try something new life ‘ my hunger is my drive ‘And my drive is my hunger,

Think you to all my bloggers all over the world – Let’s keep the hunger going ‘

When We All Just Wanna Get Away’

crown plaza hotel

As I enjoyed my night 🌙 at the crown plaza hotel ‘ downtown in my city . I couldn’t help but reflect on the changes in my life I have come to realize that I have made , from becoming a boy to a men it has been a long battle from loosing close ones from 💔 to individuals that the wrold has come to make us realize that we are all just natural people inside.

When you just wanna get away , you gotta stay at a place like this very nice 👌 I gotta say . As we continue on our path to become closer to each other, I gotta tell yall one thing ‘ I have a addiction for up scheal hotel – So tage alone as we explore some of the beautiful places i love to visit.

The Waffle House

When you need a quick bite to eat ‘ there is no place like the waffle house ‘ I hate that covid’ has made it so hard for us to have a normal life anymore ‘ Our heavenly father wasn’t lieing when he said these times that we are living in would be getting worse and not better.

We better be getting our life together now , Because I don’t know how much patience our heavenly father has left.-( JUST SOME MORE FOOD FOR THOUGHTS -)

Tha Beer Barrel

Location- Easton Mall

City Columbus ohio ‘

Their i go again ‘I gotta give it to yall straight ‘ I can’t due this by myself. No matter how my day starts off , As long as I end my day off with eating a nice meal I can call it a day , So please have a seat and have a slice ‘ It’s all on me.

Developing Habits

A habit is defined as the intersection of knowledge , skill is knowing how to do it; desire is motivation or wanting to do it To make habits ,we need to develop all three components.


The four levels of leadership;

Personal, Interpersonal,Managerial,and Organization,

the inside out.- So look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself are you a leader or A follower?20190714_1717473575318072602314032.jpgIf not’ It’s time to hit that shower ” And get it together , It’s that saying A closed mouth don’t get feed ‘ and if that’s the case why are so many still struggling ? Its not about how much money you make’ But what you do with the money after you make it . Now ”Their is your million dollar answer. ‘ So what is your full potential. -So are you short changing yourself through life. And if so then maybe you are opperating on the wrong plan.